Achieve Perfect Rebates Every Time With Rebate Heads from Leitz Tooling:

Rebate Heads Egineered For Quality & Performance:

Are you tired of imperfect rebates that leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed? Look no further than Leitz Tooling's rebate heads to achieve perfect results every time. Leitz Tooling is known for its high-quality and innovative solutions in the woodworking industry. With their rebate heads, you can effortlessly create precise and clean rebates on a variety of materials, from solid wood to composites.

Crafted with precision engineering, Leitz Tooling's rebate heads are designed to deliver exceptional performance and long-lasting durability. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, these rebate heads will not only save you time but also ensure that your projects have a professional finish. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to use, reducing operator fatigue and increasing efficiency.

Say goodbye to uneven edges and sloppy joinery. Leitz Tooling's 80mm rebate heads are the ultimate solution for achieving perfect rebates every time. Upgrade your woodworking game with the industry leader in precision tooling and experience the difference that Leitz Tooling can make.

Common Challenges In Achieving Perfect Rebates:

Achieving perfect rebates can be a challenge, even for experienced woodworkers. There are several common issues that can arise when attempting to create clean and precise rebates. One of the main challenges is achieving a consistent depth across the entire rebate. Even the slightest variation in depth can lead to a less than perfect fit when joining the rebate with another piece of wood. Another challenge is ensuring that the rebate has clean and straight edges. Any imperfections in the edges can result in a poor finish and compromise the overall integrity of the joint.

Another common challenge is achieving a rebate with sharp corners. Sharp corners are crucial for a tight and secure joint. Without sharp corners, the joint may be weak and prone to breaking under stress. Finally, achieving a smooth and splinter-free surface on the rebate can be difficult, especially when working with harder or more brittle materials. Splinters and rough surfaces can affect the appearance of the finished piece and make it more challenging to achieve a flawless finish.

Introducing Leitz Tooling and their range of rebate heads:

Leitz Tooling is a leading provider of precision tooling solutions for the woodworking industry. With a history spanning over 140 years, Leitz Tooling has established itself as a trusted name in the field. Their commitment to innovation and quality has earned them a reputation for excellence.

Leitz Tooling offers a range of rebate heads that are specifically designed to address the challenges of achieving perfect rebates. These rebate heads are engineered with precision and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity. Leitz Tooling understands the importance of precision in woodworking, and their rebate heads are designed to deliver consistent results every time.

A Diamond rebate head with noise reduction featuresA Diamond rebate head with noise reduction features
A Diamond rebate head with noise reduction features
A wood sample from a Leitz 80mm rebate headA wood sample from a Leitz 80mm rebate head
A wood sample from a Leitz 80mm rebate head
80mm rebate head from Leitz Tooling80mm rebate head from Leitz Tooling
A 80mm rebate head from Leitz Tooling

Features And Benefits Of Using Leitz Tooling Rebate Heads

Leitz Tooling rebate heads come with a range of features that set them apart from the competition. These features not only make the rebate heads easier to use but also enhance their performance and reliability. Here are some of the key features and benefits of using Leitz Tooling rebate heads:

Precision Engineering

Leitz Tooling rebate heads are crafted with precision engineering to ensure accuracy and consistency. The rebate heads are designed to deliver precise depth control, allowing you to achieve rebates with reliable and repeatable results to the exact dimensions you need. The precision engineered rebate heads ensure the rebate is sharp and well-defined, resulting in strong and secure joints.

High-Quality Materials

Leitz Tooling uses only the highest quality materials in the construction of our rebate heads. The use of premium materials ensures durability and longevity, even in demanding woodworking environments. The rebate heads are lightweight with aluminium bodies designed to withstand the rigors of regular use, providing you with a reliable rebate head that will last for years to come. Our cutters & spurs are manufactured us using our own carbide that is tuned to application for long tool life.

Easy to Use

Leitz Tooling rebate heads are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The rebate heads feature an ergonomic design that allows for comfortable and efficient use. The easy-to-use design of our rebate heads also includes recesses in the tool body to allow for efficient extraction. Leitz also ensure that our rebate heads are equipped with built in chip breakers to minimise wear and tear on the tool and avoid build-up of dust & chips.


Leitz Tooling rebate heads are compatible with a wide range of materials, including solid wood, soft wood, hard wood, glulam, plastics, composites, and more. This versatility allows you to use the rebate heads on various projects, from simple rebates to complex woodworking creations. Leitz rebate heads are designed to deliver consistent results regardless of the material you are working with. time.

Fast Knife Changes & Turnblade Design:

One of the key benefits of using Leitz Tooling rebate heads is their fast knife changes and turnblade design. Get up to three uses out of each triangular spur on your rebate head thanks to the turnblade design and quickly change knives using the provided torque setter for on the fly replacements.

Tips And Tricks For Optimizing Rebate Performance:

To optimize the performance of Leitz Tooling rebate heads and achieve the best results possible, consider the following tips and tricks:

Use the Right Cutting Speed

Ensure that the woodworking machinery is set to the appropriate cutting speed for the material you are working with. Different materials require different cutting speeds for optimal results. Consult the Leitz Lexicon to determine the correct cutting speed for your specific application.

Clean the Rebate Head

Regularly clean and maintain the rebate head to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Remove any debris or buildup that may affect the rebate head's cutting ability, as this causes the knives to recut the chips. Lubricate the moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent wear and ensure smooth operation.

Don’t Run Your Rebate Head To Blunt

Avoid running the knives on your rebate head to blunt as blunt knives won't cut wood cleanly, resulting in torn and ragged edges on the rebate. This reduces the quality and appearance of the joint. Blunt knives can struggle to maintain a consistent cutting depth, leading to an uneven rebate. Overexerting force with blunt knives can put stress on the rebate head, potentially damaging the bearings or other components as well as leading to increased electricity costs as the rebate head requires more power to push through the materials.

Take Safety Precautions

Always prioritize safety when working with woodworking machinery and tools. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses and ear protection. Familiarize yourself with the safety features of your woodworking machinery and follow all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. All Leitz rebate heads are safety tested to BS EN-847.

By following these tips and tricks, you can optimize the performance of your rebate heads and achieve exceptional results in your woodworking projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rebate Heads And Their Usage:

Q: Can I use Leitz Tooling rebate heads on different types of woodworking machinery?
A: Yes, Leitz Tooling rebate heads are designed to be compatible with a wide range of woodworking machinery. However, it is always important to ensure compatibility before making a purchase. Leitz can easily modify the bore size of your rebate head.


Q: How long do Leitz Tooling rebate heads last?
A: Leitz Tooling rebate heads are crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering, ensuring durability and longevity. With proper maintenance and care, the rebate heads will last for years to come. The knives life depends on the volume of use and material being cut.


Q: Are Leitz Tooling rebate heads suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, Leitz Tooling rebate heads are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Beginners can benefit from our 80mm rebate head thnaks to it's precision engineering and ergonomic design, which make achieving perfect rebates more accessible.


Q: Can I achieve rebates on different materials using Leitz Tooling rebate heads?
A: Yes, our 80mm rebate heads are designed to work with a wide range of materials, including solid wood, plastics, composites, and more. Contant the team to get personalised advice for your application.


Q: Does Leitz Tooling make a 80mm rebate head?
A: Yes, Leitz Tooling rebate heads have a standard cutting width of 80mm but it is listed as 81mm due to the shape of the tool body, it does cut to 80mm width.


These frequently asked questions provide additional insights into the usage and benefits of Leitz Tooling rebate heads. If you have any other specific questions or concerns, it is recommended to reach out to the Leitz team for guidance.

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