Circular sawblades

Discover ultimate cutting precision with Leitz Tooling's circular saw blades. Our high-quality blades are designed to deliver exceptional performance and accuracy.
Crafted with the high-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, our circular saw blades are built to last. With superior durability and longevity, you can rely on our blades for long-term use without compromising on quality. All new sawblades tested to BS EN 847.
With a wide range of circular saw blades available, we offer the perfect blade for every cutting application. From ripping to crosscutting, our blades are engineered to deliver clean and smooth cuts, ensuring optimal results every time. Our PCD sawblades and TCT sawblades allow you to tackle the toughest of materials.
Circular sawblades
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Leitz UK have many more products available over those you can see on the online shop.

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