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Hinge Boring Drill Bits

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Profile Cutter Heads

Leitz Diamond Router Cutters

Diamond Router Cutters

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Leitz Panel Sizing Sawblades

Panel Sizing Saw Blades

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Leitz Diamaster PRO EdgeExpert

Diamaster Pro EdgeExpert

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Premium Quality Machine Tooling Specialists

Leitz tooling is recognized globally for our woodwork tooling solutions. We offer a wide range of cutting tools, profiling tools, clamping systems, circular sawblades and much more. All our tools are independently tested to the international standard: BS EN-847-1/2/3

Our extensive range of cutting-edge tools and equipment are designed to help you achieve the highest levels of precision and efficiency in your production, whether you work with wood, plastics, metals, or any other material.

Does your tooling supplier go the extra mile?

  • Tool management systems.

  • Independently tested and ISO 9001 compliant.

  • Sustainable tooling designed to be resharpened.




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Quality that is trusted globally

Leitz UK have many more products available over those you can see on the online shop.

Please contact our Customer Service Team for further details.

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With a national network of saw and tool sharpening centres around the UK, Leitz Tooling UK offers local customer support ensuring their saws and tools are sharpened and serviced to original manufacturer standards so maintaining quality and efficiency. To learn more of how we can provide your business with cost effective tooling solutions, please contact Leitz UK using the contact us button.
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