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Leitz Tooling Durham: Newcastle's Local Tool & Saw Blade Sharpening Service

Leitz Tooling Durham is your trusted partner for all your tool sharpening and servicing needs in Newcastle. Serving Newcastle and the North, we have built strong relationships with manufacturers and joiners across the region.

We are proud to offer our customers some of the highest quality tool and saw sharpening services in Newcastle. Our team of experienced and qualified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your tools are sharpened to like new condition. We even tackle sharpening many other companies try to avoid.

Contact Information - Leitz Durham

Sales & service centre

Tel: 01388 722571

Email: durham@leitz.org

Address: Unit 47B, Avenue Four Chilton Industrial Estate, Chilton, Ferryhill DL17 0SQ

Parking: On-site.

Tool Service - Your tooling back to like new quality:

Tools as new – At Leitz we hold the philosophy that all our tooling should achieve maximum performance and near perfect processing quality. We extend these values to our tool servicing. Our total quality standards ensure that regardless of which Leitz centre your tool sharpening occurs, you can still expect the same high standard of quality from Leitz.

Our service centres use the same machinery, programmes and production techniques we use in the manufacturing of our own tools. Therefore we can provide consistent quality and often get more sharpens out of a tool then other service providers. Our machinery ensures that we can offer a diverse range of tool sharpening and repair services to the UK.

If you are looking for fast, cost-effective, and reliable saw sharpening services in Newcastle or greater Newcastle; contact Leitz Tooling today. We would be happy to help you get your saws back in working order.

Saw Sharpening in Newcastle:

Did you know if we stacked all the saw blades Leitz sharpen in a year it would tower over 10 Kilometres high?

Saw sharpening services are at the heart of our servicing programme. With over 140 years of experience we can confidently sharpen most saw blades back into like new quality. Our investments in modern machinery and measuring equipment ensure we can tackle saw blade sharpening many others would prefer to avoid. When Leitz Tooling sharpens your saw blade we always take off the minimum material, to ensure your saw gets the maximum amount of sharpens before its end of life.

Our saw blade sharpening services include harder cutting materials like carbide or diamond saw blades. Our patented grinding wheels ensure that our carbide saw sharpening always removes the minimum cut, leading to longer tool life and the potential for more resharpens before disposal. Our advanced diamond erosion technology ensures that our diamond sharpening service achieves quality results within high tolerances of accuracy.

Extend your tool life and reduce unexpected downtime through Leitz saw blade sharpening services.

Tool Sharpening in Newcastle::

In addition to industrial scale tooling and circular saw blade sharpening, we also offer sharpening services for a wide range of smaller tools such as drills, router cutters and other cutting tools. Our advanced machinery is suitable for small tools and is capable of sharpening drills and router cutters to tight tolerances, allowing you to maintain precision and quality finishes.

Whether it's a standard twist drill or a specialized drill bit, our drill sharpening process ensures that your tools are restored to their optimal cutting performance. With a long history and over 8,000 standard products, Leitz can sharpen most tools back into like new quality.

Using our small tool sharpening service can help you extend your tool life, reducing on-going costs and the likelihood of unexpected downtime. For a full list on what tools we can service, please visit our tool servicing page for more information. Leitz sharpening services, cater not only to industrial-scale tooling like circular saw blade sharpening, but also to the precise sharpening needs of smaller tools such as drills.

Knife Sharpening in Newcastle::

Leitz tooling could be your trusted partner in precision knife and blade sharpening services.

Our skilled technicians specialize in the art of knife sharpening, ensuring that your cutting tools are honed to perfection. Whether you use planer blades, grooving knives, or any other blades, our meticulous sharpening process guarantees a keen edge that translates into cleaner cuts and finer details in your projects.

For tooling with blades that have lost their sharpness over time, our blade sharpening service is the answer. We cater to a variety of blades, including carbide insert sharpening, planer blade sharpening, and coated knife sharpening. Our precision sharpening techniques not only extend the lifespan of your blades but also optimize their cutting performance, allowing you to achieve unparalleled results in your machining.

Our planer blade sharpening service is tailored to meet the specific needs of woodworking professionals like you. We meticulously sharpen and balance planer blades to guarantee optimal performance, enabling you to achieve precise and smooth and finishes in your woodwork.

Diamond circular saw blade sharpening on a CNC sharpening machineDiamond circular saw blade sharpening on a CNC sharpening machine
Diamond Saw Blade Sharpening
Carbide circular saw blade sharpening on aCNC sharpening machineCarbide circular saw blade sharpening on aCNC sharpening machine
Carbide Saw Blade Sharpening
Re-tipping of a tooth on a carbide circular saw blade after sharpeningRe-tipping of a tooth on a carbide circular saw blade after sharpening
Saw Blade Re-tipping & Repair
A cutter head being balanced after a sharpening serviceA cutter head being balanced after a sharpening service
Tool Balance & Control

Newcastle's Local Diamond Saw Sharpening & Tool Sharpening Specialists: :

Thanks to our hardworking people and machinery, Leitz tooling is a specialist in diamond saw blade sharpening and diamond erosion. Using our advanced machinery, we can sharpen diamond saw blades and tools within microns of accuracy. We can sharpen your diamond saw blades or tools back to the same exacting standards you expect. With our own diamond saw blades, Leitz can sharpen the saw blades more times, to a reliable and repeatable high quality.

Our in-house diamond saw sharpening is complimented by our tipping capabilities, our team can repair and replace damaged PCD saw blade teeth, or help you design and grind a specific tooth profile. This means Leitz can offer sharpening on almost any shape and size of tooth profile.

Given the expensive nature of diamond tooling, you can trust in Leitz to deliver a high quality diamond saw blade sharpening service every time. We track the number of sharpens your diamond saw blades and tools have, meaning we can offer meaningful insights into your machining processes.

Newcastle's Local Carbide Saw Sharpening & Tool Sharpening Specialists: 

In addition to our specialization in the diamond tool sharpening, the Leitz group has mastered the art of carbide tool and saw sharpening. Thanks to our own design of patented grinding wheels, Leitz is able to sharpen carbide tooling to high standards, ensuring that the carbide tools are tuned for application.

These unique grinding wheels combined with our robotics and sophisticated machinery means that we can sharpen your carbide tools and saw blades back into like new condition and we also have the capability to repair, re-tip or profile carbide saw blade teeth.

With our own carbide manufacturing facilities , Leitz is used to working with complex carbide tools. Trust Leitz with your carbide tool sharpening and experience the difference in quality.

HSS Drill Sharpening on a CNC Drill Sharpening MachineHSS Drill Sharpening on a CNC Drill Sharpening Machine
HSS Drill Sharpening
Carbide router cutter sharpening on a CNC router sharpening machineCarbide router cutter sharpening on a CNC router sharpening machine
Carbide Router Cutter Sharpening
Diamond Cutter Sharpening on a WhisperCut Cutter Head using a CNC Diamond Sharpening MachineDiamond Cutter Sharpening on a WhisperCut Cutter Head using a CNC Diamond Sharpening Machine
Diamond Cutter Head Sharpening
Diamond hogger sharpening on a CNC diamond sharpening machineDiamond hogger sharpening on a CNC diamond sharpening machine
Diamond Hogger Sharpening

Tool Management in Newcastle:

All of our tool servicing is supported by our innovative tool management system that allows manufacturers to maintain control over their tooling supply. The Leitz UK tool management system allows customers to have full transparency, and track the life of their tools from start to finish.

With this two way system, we keep customers informed on current tool life, upcoming servicing and can monitor any unexpected changes in processing. This enables us to make machining recommendations that can help extend tool life by reducing wear and helps avoid unexpected downtime due to tool breakage. This system benefits our customers through providing accurate forecasts on tooling costs, expected tool life and outlining areas for process optimisation.

If you are a larger manufacturer who needs to maintain a strict and organised tool supply, this bespoke service can be catered to your manufacturing needs.

Technical Support & Advice in Newcastle:

Our nationwide team of technical and service representatives, coupled with our international network of tooling and machining experts ensures we can offer valuable and impactful advice and support to our customers. Our support has saved customers untold costs from simply optimizing their process, machines and tooling.

If you would like to learn more about how Leitz technical advice has saved our customers hundreds of thousands in costs, take a look at our case studies page on the official Leitz blog. By working closely with our customers and offering training, we can help companies improve their productivity and efficiency whilst reducing waste and unexpected costs.


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