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Saw Blades Designed To Last!

Saw Blades For Portable & Table top Machines:

Saw Blades For CNC Machining:

Sizing & Scoring Saw Blades:

Panel Sizing Saw Blades:

Saw Blades For Cutting Solid Wood:

Saw Blades For Cutting Non-Ferrus Metals & Plastics:

Leitz RazorCut carbide saw blade cutting a wooden block on a tabletopLeitz RazorCut carbide saw blade cutting a wooden block on a tabletop

High Precision Saw Blades

Leitz circular saw blades are designed to provide precise cuts, smooth finishes, and long-lasting durability.

Our circular saw blades are made from our own high-grade materials like carbide and engineered to the highest standards, ensuring that you get the best possible performance.

All Leitz saw blades are tested to the international standard BS EN-827-1

A selection of three Leitz carbide saw blades on a light Gray backgroundA selection of three Leitz carbide saw blades on a light Gray background

A Saw Blade For Every Application

Leitz Tooling specialize in providing the highest quality circular saw blades for the woodworking, plastics and composite industries.

We offer a wide range of circular saw blades to meet your needs: including rip saw blades, crosscut saw blades, and combination saw blades and saw blades for portable devices.

We sell saw blades for most machines , from CNC to portable devices.

A Leitz diamond circular saw blade cutting wood on a table topA Leitz diamond circular saw blade cutting wood on a table top

Saw Blades Designed To Last

Not only do Leitz saw blades have a longer tool life then most saw blades on the market, but we also manufacture our saw blades so they can be sharpened multiple times.

Lower your saw blade costs, avoid downtime and extend your tool life with Leitz tool service - your tools back tol ike new condition.

Call the team today to get your saw blades back efficiently working at like new condition!

Leitz Cutter Heads & profiling Cutter Heads - Applications and Materials:

The growing range of Leitz circular sawblades are designed for the applications of sizing, grooving, cutting, scoring, trimming and much more. With options available for different workpieces, you can rely on our saw blades for machining wood, wood derived products, composites and plastics.

Our portable saw blades are popular amongst joiners and carpenters thanks to their extended tool life and reduced power consumption. Leitz table saw blades and saw blades for CNC machining are popular for smaller companies and frequently used by larger mass production manufacturers across multiple industry sectors. Our range includes a variety of different diameters, tooth arrangements and cutting materials.

Leitz circular saw blades are suitable for a diverse collection of machinery and are suitable for the vast majority of machinery brands and manual feed machines such as spindle moulders:

  • CNC machining centres.
  • Table saws.
  • Sizing saws.
  • vertical panel sizing saws with or without a scoring unit.
  • Applications on single, double, vertical or horizontal spindles.
  • Single and multi-blade saws.
  • Cross saws.
  • Trimming saws.
  • Mitre, double mitre and radial saws.
  • Portable saws and chop saws.

For more information on compatibility and specifications on our saw blades, please see the technical information on the individual product page or refer to our online lexicon available at the top of the page.

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