Leitz UK Spiral Router Cutters - Bespoke Solutions Made In Britain

Over the course of the last few years, Leitz tooling UK has been working very hard to increase its servicing and new tooling capabilities, especially for router cutters and other shank tools. After investing heavily in modern & state of the art equipment, we are now able to manufacture and service bespoke router cutters made for the UK market.

Sourcing our high-grade cutting materials from our sister companies’ carbide factory in Kapfenberg, Austria and some of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality high speed steel ensuring this new product range can achieve maximum performance and efficiency at high speed and feed rates. We can now manufacture and service a wide range of router cutters engineered specifically for the UK marketplace at competitive prices.

Additionally, as the UK strives towards the goal of net zero in 2050, we have made sure that the vast majority of our UK-made spiral router cutters are able to be resharpened, multiple times, depending on the diameter of the tools cutting edge. This helps us achieve our main objective: increasing the profitability of our customers through lower tooling costs, avoiding downtime, and reducing the environmental impact.

Furthermore, the production of Leitz spiral router cutters is supplemented by solar power from our Harlow factory, enabling a much more sustainable router cutter manufacturing process, and any unused power is sent back to the grid so everyone can benefit.

Our growing range of router cutters includes:

Finishing routers.
Roughing routers.
Compression routers.
Lock case routers.


Bespoke solutions:

Now that we have increased our range of British made router cutters we are happy to offer one off bespoke solutions to tackle almost any manufacturing issue we come across. In fact, in many cases we can design new tools specifically to tackle individual manufacturing challenges.

Additionally, Leitz is happy to make our router cutters either left or right hand, to suit your machinery and preferences. Our typical offering of customised tool modifications, like reducing the diameter or sizing for specific applications, still apply to this new range of products. We are always open to making modifications within certain parameters.


Applications and materials:

Although we have historically specialized in the woodworking market, our router cutters are used across the globe in high production volume factories for a variety of applications such as machining profiles on aluminium or sizing and grooving for plastics such as high-pressure laminates (HPL) and Solid Surface.

The designs we offer are very versatile and can tackle most workpiece materials, including but not limited to: Solid wood, glued timber, MDF, chipboard, veneered timber, plywood, multiplex, compact laminates, composites, plastics, aluminium, most other non-ferrous metals and advanced materials. If you can’t find your material, reach out to the team to see if we have a router cutter to suit your specific needs.

The application for these router cutters is finishing, roughing, grooving and sizing.


Where to purchase Leitz spiral router cutters?

At the moment our UK made spiral router cutters are only available offline, although we have plans to add them onto our online shop stock in 2024.

If you are interested in getting a quote, making a purchase or finding out more information you can contact your local Leitz representative. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact our customer service team who will be happy to offer tooling advice or refer you to a local rep, who can make a site visit if needed and preferred

Tel: +44 01279 454530

Email: contact-uk@leitz.org 


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