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Leitz tooling offers a professional and comprehensive saw blade sharpening service nationwide across the UK. Leitz tooling is a saw blade sharpening expert with over 150 years of industry experience. Specialising in carbide and diamond saw blade sharpening, Leitz group has mastered the art of saw sharpening and can provide our customers with reliable and repeatable results.

In this article we will discuss the wider implications of saw blade sharpening and how implementing regular saw blade sharpening into your process can provide your manufacturing a competitive edge.


How Saw Blade Sharpening Can Give Your Buiness The Compeititive Edge & Ensure Product Quality?


Saw blade sharpening is an often overlooked aspect of manufacturing that many companies across the UK do not take advantage of. Regularly sharpening your saw blades isn't just about maintaining a sharp edge; it's a strategic investment that enhances your business's efficiency and overall health.

Utilising saw blade sharpening extends the life time of your saw blades significantly and can lead to massive cost savings over time. In addition to being cheaper then purchasing a new saw blade, saw blade sharpening can also improve the performance of the saw blade over its lifespan; maintaining optimum cutting results, even after repeated use.

Saw blade sharpening also has a profound impact on the accuracy and finish cut quality of a circular saw blade. Sharp saw blades deliver clean, precise cuts consistently. This translates to better quality finished products and less rework due to inaccuracies. Over time, a dulling blade can deviate from its intended cutting path, but regular sharpening ensures your blades perform at their peak from the first cut to the last. Leitz tooling always checks the tensioning of your saw blade during our saw sharpening process, this means you can machine with confidence that your saw blade will operate at peak performance and create a safer working environment.

Another benefit of saw blade sharpening is that it can help companies, especially those with  multiple sawing operations, to avoid unexpected downtime. Dull blades not only reduce cutting efficiency, but they are also more prone to unexpected failures. Chipped teeth, breakages, and the need for re-tipping can all lead to downtime, lost productivity and cost increases. A proactive saw sharpening program minimizes these risks, keeping your operations running smoothly and predictably. Machinists can also use the data collected from saw sharpening services to set tool life expectations and optimise tool paths or the machining process.

Whilst the added cost of saw blade sharpening services can seem like a daunting new cost for many smaller businesses, it pales in comparison to the cost of constantly replacing saw blades with new ones. Over time this can lead to massive cist savings from less saw blade replacements and longer tool life. The sharpened saw blades will wear at a reduced rate when compared to unsharpened or dull blades, this means that regular saw blade sharpening and preventative maintenance can improve the sustainability, longevity and reduce the on-going costs of your tooling thanks to reduced need for tool repairs like re-tipping.

Saw blade sharpening can also improve the quality of you finishes products. Dull blades struggle to cut cleanly, often leading to chipped edges, tearing, and burning of the material.  Sharpened saw blades, on the other hand, produce smooth, flawless cuts that elevate the overall quality of your work. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the need for rework or on-site rectifications, protecting your company from a poor reputation and further unplanned costs.


The Impact Of Saw Blade Sharpening On Your Machinery:

While the benefits of saw blade sharpening for cut quality and cost savings are well-known, its positive impact on your machinery itself is often overlooked. Regularly sharpened blades can extend the lifespan and performance of your machinery, turning saw blade sharpening into a multi-faceted investment.

Saw blade sharpening reduces power consumption used when machining a workpiece. Dull saw blades require significantly more force to push through material, forcing the machine to work harder and draw more power to maintain the same cutting speed. Sharpened blades, on the other hand, glide through material with minimal resistance, reducing energy consumption and lowering your operating costs.

The increased effort required by a dull blade puts additional strain on the machinery’s motor. Over time, this excessive wear can lead to premature motor failure and costly repairs.  Sharpened saw blades ensure the motor operates efficiently, minimizing wear and tear and extending its lifespan.  Essentially, saw blade sharpening becomes an investment in protecting the heart of your machinery.

Dust extraction is yet another area of machining that can be improved through the use of saw blade sharpening. Dull blades tear and splinter wood, creating larger and more irregular chips. These larger chips are more difficult for dust extraction systems to collect.

By incorporating saw blade sharpening into your maintenance routine, you're not just protecting the saw blades themselves, you're safeguarding the health and longevity of your machinery. This translates to a more reliable operation, reduced downtime for repairs, and ultimately, a more cost-effective manufacturing experience. 

An image showing diamond saw blade sharpening services from Leitz ToolingAn image showing diamond saw blade sharpening services from Leitz Tooling
Diamond saw blade sharpening
An image of carbide saw blade sharpening from Leitz ToolingAn image of carbide saw blade sharpening from Leitz Tooling
Leitz Carbide saw blade sharpening
Diamond saw blade sharpening of a non-Leitz diamond saw bladeDiamond saw blade sharpening of a non-Leitz diamond saw blade
Diamond saw blade sharpening

How Leitz Saw Blade Sharpening Sets Itself Apart From Other Sharpening Service Providers:


As a leading global provider of saw blade sharpening, Leitz Tooling annually sharpens enough saw blades that if stacked, would tower over 10 kilometres high! That’s almost the same size as the tower of Pizza in Italy.

Thanks to our 150 years of industry experience and long history in tooling innovation. Leitz has transformed saw blade sharpening and diamond saw blade sharpening to a scientific art form. We have implemented a standardized sharpening processes across all our global saw sharpening centres, ensuring consistent, micron-level accuracy, regardless of location.  This meticulous approach translates to saw blades that deliver exceptional performance on the production floor. Furthermore, Leitz uses advanced measuring tools and visual equipment to ensure the sharpened blade has had all the wear removed from the cutting edge and creates a consistent and sharp cut.

Leitz group prioritizes peak performance and longevity in your saw blades. Our state-of-the-art CNC saw sharpening machinery and robotics deliver a meticulously consistent sharpen on every tooth. This advanced technology ensures each tooth achieves its optimal geometry, minimizing friction and maximizing cutting efficiency. With Leitz's advanced sharpening process, you can be confident your saw blades will consistently deliver clean, precise cuts and operate at their full potential.

Leitz service doesn't stop at saw blade sharpening; we ensure the overall health and safety of your blades.  Our technicians meticulously check the tension of each blade during the sharpening process. Proper tension is crucial for maintaining blade stability and preventing warping or breakage during operation.  This attention to detail minimizes the risk of blade failure and potential injuries, promoting a safe and efficient working environment for you and your team. By ensuring proper blade tension, Leitz provides an extra layer of safety and peace of mind alongside a sharper cutting experience.

In addition to our saw sharpening service, Leitz tooling also offer a saw management programme. This means not only can you monitor your saw blade sharpening and expected “lives” of your blades, but Leitz can give you a heads up before your tooling reaches the end of its life. Leitz uses the data from our saw blade sharpening and saw management to offer our customers valuable and actionable insights into their sawing processes. We can use the data to make machining and tooling recommendations that can have big implications on productivity and efficiency such as tool pathing or changing RPM values. In the past, this has helped Leitz customers to achieve shorter cycle times and reduce saw blade wear.


Diamond Saw Blade Sharpening Specialists:

As a specialist in diamond saw blade sharpening, Leitz offers unparalleled service across the UK through our network of dedicated diamond saw sharpening centres. We understand the unique properties and demands placed on diamond saw blades and regardless of if you require sharpening for concrete, asphalt, stone, or any other material, our expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of diamond saw blade types, from construction blades to specialty cutting tools.

Our technicians utilize microscopic measuring tools to precisely identify and remove minimal amounts of wear, ensuring maximum lifespan for your diamond blades and a constant cutting quality. Unlike many sharpening services, Leitz is equipped to handle repairs, profiling and re-tipping of diamond teeth, maximizing the overall life cycle of your investment. This in-house capability ensures a faster turnaround time and eliminates the need to source additional services elsewhere.

Leitz prioritizes maximizing the number of sharpens achievable on each blade, ensuring you receive the most value from your diamond saw blades. By combining advanced technology, skilled technicians, and a commitment to minimal material removal, Leitz delivers a diamond saw blade sharpening experience that optimizes performance and extends blade life.  In essence, you're not just getting a sharper diamond blade, you're getting a blade that performs better for longer, reducing overall project costs.


Contact Leitz Tooling Today For Professional Saw Blade Sharpening & Diamond Saw Blade Sharpening:

If you are looking for high quality saw blade sharpening or diamond saw blade sharpening services, contact your local Leitz team today. With 8 service centre across the UK and 2 dedicated diamond sharpening centres, our team can cater to your needs nationwide. We offer flexible delivery options through courier or van delivery. If you would like to learn more about our extended range of services and customer support, you can do so here.

Planer blade sharpening from Leitz Tooling's knife sharpening servicesPlaner blade sharpening from Leitz Tooling's knife sharpening services
Diamond saw blade sharpening
A saw sharpening robot sharpening carbide saw bladesA saw sharpening robot sharpening carbide saw blades
Leitz saw sharpening and cleaning robot
Diamond saw blade sharpening on a non-Leitz saw blade on a CNC grinderDiamond saw blade sharpening on a non-Leitz saw blade on a CNC grinder
Diamond saw blade sharpening on a non-Leitz saw blade

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